Focus on legumes, your ally for a good health!

Long neglected, legumes are now booming. Rich in nutrients, inexpensive, good for your health... discover the benefits of legumes.

Pulses, kesako?

Pulses (or legumes) are all vegetables in the form of seeds contained in pods. They include lentils, peas, beans and broad beans. Many varieties exist according to regional specificities (green lentils, chickpeas, white beans?).

An economical diet...

Legumes are easy to grow and preserve. They must be rehydrated during cooking. Therefore, they are very cheap and can be stored easily, away from light and humidity.

And it's good for your health!

Very rich in carbohydrates and fibre, legumes are closer to starchy foods than green vegetables in terms of nutritional value. They help you quickly reach satiety and avoid the urge to snack. As part of a diet, they will be a great ally to please you with good recipes while losing weight. If you simply want to watch your figure and eat healthier, studies have also shown that eating legumes can reduce cardiovascular risks, obesity and diabetes thanks to their high fibre, vitamin C and protein content.

A multitude of recipes to satisfy your taste buds!

There are different varieties of legumes from different crops and cuisines. They leave you an incredible playground for cooking healthy and tasty dishes from all over the world! Beans are the most widespread legumes in France. There are many varieties: beans from Soissons, mogette from Vendée, coconut, pink, black or red beans... They will delight all your dishes in sauce and your summer salads. Green lentils are rich in iron and very easy to digest. You will find recipes based on lentils in traditional French cuisine such as "petits salés aux lentilles" or lentil salads. But it is in Indian cuisine that lentils have a special place. You will find many delicious vegetarian recipes such as Dahl. Peas and split peas are best served steamed or mixed in purees or soups. Beans, rich in protein and fibre, come straight from the Mediterranean basin and will enhance your salads or add colour to your dishes. A star of the Mediterranean region and rich in carbohydrates, chickpeas can be cooked in many forms: cream of chickpea (hummus) as an aperitif, in salads, couscous or tajine. No more excuses, (re)discover legumes, you won't be able to do without them!
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