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Kids are really different creatures from adults and it’s hard to know exactly what they want for gifts or special presents. I’ve tried giving clothes and that doesn’t seem to be it. I once gave my kid school supplies for her birthday and she wasn’t very pleased. Kids don’t even care about the effort we put into giving them all those nutritious dinners on the table. I’m guessing that the only thing they really care about is the favorite toys they play with. I wish we could just give them toys without thinking about the really important things they need; however, that’s just not practical. Once you’ve finished giving kids the things they really need, there’s often not a lot of cash left to give them all the things they want.

What’s a parent supposed to do?

Finding cheap toys used to be easy. You’d go around to garage sales and look for the junk in the toy section. Nowadays, though, that kind of approach takes a lot of time and there’s no guarantee you’ll get the right kind of toys. Unless you live in a warm climate, you can’t find garage sales year round. Instead, think about buying toys form people on the Internet. It’s like having a 24-hour, 7-day a week garage sale but without the hassle. The toys are affordable and you often get a peek at it before you buy. There are a ton of websites advertising minimally-used children’s toys. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your computer screen to get a load of toys for your kid, shipped directly to your home. Global shipping has made it simple and affordable to get things sent to you so you needn’t worry about the shipping cost of the product. The beauty of these websites is that it goes both ways. While you’re hunting for the latest craze in gently-used kids toys, you can also unload a few things while you’re at it. Think about all the toys that are stored away, unused, all over your house. Your kid won’t really miss them anymore and you’ll make another kid very happy. You can offset the cost of your purchases with a virtual garage sale of your own. You don’t have to put ads anywhere nor do you have to sit outside all day selling your junk. Just snap a picture of your stuff and upload it to the web with a catchy ad. If someone buys the toy, it’s more money for you that you can turn around and use to buy even more stuff for your kids! The best part of the whole thing is that you can find one-of-a-kind, cheap and fun toys for your child that won’t be time consuming to find and will be something your kid will love. Your old toys will be history and you’ll be saving money for more important things in life. For me, the whole thing is a win-win situation for me, my kids and anyone who buys our gently-used toys.
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