Where to live with children in London?

Published on : 20 May 20203 min reading time

If you’re about to move to London with your whole family, and are wondering where your children will be happiest, this article is for you!

For a successful expatriation with your family, there are several criteria to consider: schools, supermarkets, playgrounds, parks… Of course, you also want your children to be safe, and you want the area to be rather quiet and convenient. Well, rest assured: London is a kid-friendly city and offers many activities, facilities and high quality schools. Yes, but then again, it’s not always easy to find the perfect cocoon and neighbourhood to live in with your family.

As always, Spotahome is here to help! We believe that these are the best neighbourhoods in the English capital.


Brixton’s a fantastic area. Cheaper compared to other areas of North London, you can also find a very large park full of playgrounds, where London families love to walk. Within the park, there is no shortage of tennis courts and other picnic areas.

Brixton is one of London’s favourite areas for families: your children won’t feel alone with so many toddlers, babies… and you won’t feel alone either thanks to the dozens of parents’ associations and networks that will welcome you with open arms if you’ve just moved in, looking for answers and new friendships.

Brixton is very well connected, notably by a highly developed bus and metro network. Many family events take place here every year, such as the Country Show and the Brixton Splash.


Hampstead’s big strength is the presence of many green spaces, such as Regent’s Park or Hampstead Heath. The neighbourhood is not only a very pleasant area for families to live in, it is also full of life, restaurants and all kinds of activities for your little ones.

Hampstead is also a very safe neighbourhood with high quality schools. If you have a more limited budget, take a look at Hampstead West, where housing prices are more accessible.


Situated near the Thames, Richmond is consistently ranked as one of the safest areas in London. There are plenty of green spaces, children’s restaurants, not to mention the beautiful Richmond Park, 2,360 hectares of land that even has herds of deer. Your children will love it! Don’t miss the Kew Gardens, just as enjoyable.

Richmond is very well served by public transport, making it a good base if you have to work in the city centre. Richmond also offers many private schools.


Sutton is one of the most affordable and family-friendly neighbourhoods thanks to its many green spaces and safe streets. By train, it will only take you 30 minutes to reach St Pancras station, for example. In Sutton, you will have the choice between different primary schools.

Notting Hill

Trendy, chic but rather expensive, Notting Hill is the perfect place for you and your family if you have a comfortable budget. With many attractions for your children, such as the Science Museum or the Natural History Museum, it will be impossible for them to get bored. On Saturdays, a stroll along the famous Portobello Road market will delight your children.

Notting Hill’s schools are of a very high standard. Beautiful parks are within walking distance, such as Kensington Park or Holland Park. For Sunday morning picnics and family walks, go to Hyde Park!

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